Killik or Killick?

The name “Killik” is derived from the word “killick”, being an old anchor handcrafted by encasing stone in a wooden frame.

To us, Killik represents strength and stability, while taking a nod to the classic archetype of bottles of rum making their way around the Caribbean on old rustic ships.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about crafting premium rum to be enjoyed by enthusiasts and casual rum drinkers alike.

Although we can find a great selection of rum out and about, there is a severe absence of exceptional Melbourne rum from dedicated rum distilleries.

Killik strives to fill the void with premium handcrafted rum made in Melbourne with care and attention to detail.

Visit Us

Please visit our Belgrave distillery. Try our rum, have a craft beer from our bar, or enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat in our cafe.